Friday, 31 January 2014

Slipping Into February.

Current state of play @ 23.30 GMT :

1.  The Dangerous Method  + 6.997 pts 

2.   TheBaseballTippe +1.264 pts  

3.  The Proper Footytipping Season Starts Now Method -1.08 pt 

TUB -813.96 pts

For methods 1,2 & 3 you are advised to have a 0.1 pt patent  and 3 x 0.1 pt singles on the following three results:

Tottenham Hotspur to beat Hull City @ 23-20.  Score 1-1

Leeds United to draw with Huddersfield Town @ 5-2.  Score 5-1

Cheltenham to beat Northampton @ 21-20.  Score 1-1

Total stake 1.00 pt.  Return 0.00.  Loss 1.00

These prices are available as of writing with:

For TUB you are advised to have the same bets for the increased stake of 10 pts.

Total stake for TUB 100 pts.  Return 0.00.  Loss 100pts

January Newsletter (Didn't go out due to probelems with e-mail.

Hi Everyone,

No point in glossing over it, I struggled to find winners in January and we're no closer to closing out any of the methods.  Here's hoping that February will not make me shiver with every tip that I deliver.  January did!

The Top 4 is still going strong and I urge you to get your entries in and worry about the betting requirements later.  It's League 2 in February. Too Late Now I'm Afraid.

When you get time to have a look, all the changes are up at  Most of you qualify for the bonus prizes.  Remember it's the top 4 in order and the total number of goals they will have scored, in League 2 , both home and away in season 2013/14 on 28th February 2014.  Entries need to be in by Midnight tomorrow.  That's Friday. Too Late Now I'm Afraid, you'l have to wait until March..

The Bubble Burster has now had another winner apart from me, yes, the incredible run of out of the money finishes continues, but finally after two consecutive cashes Henry IX managed to get closer to the money than I did without actually cashing in Pokerstars Sunday Storm.  If you like playing online poker on a Sunday evening, this little competition might go some way towards giving you a better cashing percentage. (You Can Play In This On Sunday)

The Wisdom of Crowds Experiment  (WOCE) is doing very well.  We're now up to 469th.  All I can say on this one is keep up the good work gang and if there's anyone else who fancies getting their hands on £250,000, should they win it on their own, or a proportional share if the WOCE wins it, go to  (You Can Play In This Next Week)

The Coral Football Jackpot is the fly in the ointment.  Why doesn't anybody want to sign-up for their £50 free bet?   The entry goes in every week, without fail and normally comes unstuck on the second or third game.  We will persevere.  Your input could be all it needs to tip the balance in our favour.   (You Can Play In This Next Week)

I'm going to give Coral an unsolicited plug here.  I opened an account with them and my own £50 cash bet lost.  My £50 free bet lost too.  Boo Hoo, tough luck mate.  Two months down the line, completely out of the blue they gave me another £50 free bet and I managed to find an 11-8 winner.  Hooray, I ended up in front on the deal.  Now, that may be because I have a bet with them every Saturday on the Coral Football Jackpot or it may not.  For whatever reason I am grateful and I eagerly await the next freebie!

The Proper Footytipping Season Starts Now Method is off to a shaky start, but as mentioned above, it's in good company,

As always if you don't want to keep getting this monthly e-mail, just reply with the subject line 'F*** Off Geezer!'  and I will heed your request!

All the best,

Andy  (

Online Life Can Be Very Frustrating!

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