Sunday, 19 January 2014

Duveen, Henry IX and You...?

Yes, we're at it again tonight!  In the same way as a little team from is trying to take down the £250K up for grabs on:

Duveen, Henry IX and you, I hope, are going to try to take down 

Sunday Storm Tournament tonight. It starts at 18.30 GMT and Duveen won't be playing in it until about 20.00 GMT due to prior commitments.

The great thing about this online poker tournament is you have a little safety net in the shape of Bursting the Bubble.  One person, of those who play in the tournament via will be getting their $11 buy-in back for finishing closest to the money without actually getting paid. It's basically a last longer bet that disappears if you get into the money!  Do read the rules @  Bursting the Bubble because you'll need to sign-up to

via unless you've fulfilled all the requirements to win a prize in another competition on

On to the football.

Burton, after being our saviours last week, let us down this weekend by being unable to turn over Bury.  The two 'certainties' did the business, but their prices were so short that we ended up losing money.  Note to self:  No more than one odds-on shot in a football patent in future. The standings for all four methods, at 12.00 GMT currently look like this:

The Dangerous Method  + 7.601 pts (No selections today)

 TheBaseballTippe +2.084 pts  (No selections today)

The Proper Footytipping Season Starts Now Method -0.26 pt (No selections today)

TUB -731.96 pts (No selections today)

In case you're interested the current standings in this month's Top 4 Competition @ 12.00 hrs are as follows:

January 2014                                              Points        Goals
Man City  Arsenal  Chelsea  Liverpool          12            191  Mr. B. Nugent
Man City  Chelsea  Arsenal  Liverpool          10            208  Mr. S. Jones
Arsenal    Chelsea  Man City  Everton            8            187  Mr. A. Walsh

No tiebreaker needed at the moment.  If it were it should be noted that the top 4 teams have scored 199 goals.  This is a fabulous competition with cash prizes, plus the possibility of bonus prizes to boot.  Don't miss out in February.  Read the rules now, so that you're familiar with the T & C's and are in a position to win it next month!

Familiarity Breeds Respect!

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