Sunday, 26 January 2014

Brushing Out a Dreadful Result.

I'd like to sweep it under the carpet, but I can't.  Yesterday's completely awful results leave things currently looking like this:

The Dangerous Method  + 6.817 pts 

 TheBaseballTippe +1.084 pts  

The Proper Footytipping Season Starts Now Method -1.26 pt 

TUB -831.96 pts

After that, I may well be tempting fate here, surely things can only get better...Just in case they don't we'll be dropping down to a mid-week 0.5pt double.  50 pt double for TUB.

On to tonight's order of business.  How do you fancy getting your buy-in back if you don't make the money in tonight's Sunday Storm tournament on:

Jan 26 18.30*  $11.00 Sunday Storm $300K Gtd               Registering   31,221*

*  Depending on where and when you register.

Yes the Bubble Burster is back tonight.  It's your opportunity to finish a mile out of the money and still get your buy in for the following week paid.  You'll be playing against Duveen and probably HenryIX, so it's no shoo-in, but fist prize in normally over $30,000 so it's well worth entering.  Do read the T&C/Rules of Bubble Burster because it's no good signing-up if you've already got an account with Pokerstars, unless you've already played in a competition on here and qualified to win a prize.

I Hope The Poker Gets You Out Of It!

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