Friday, 27 December 2013

We Win We Press!

Current standings @ 15.00 hrs GMT Friday 27th December 2013.

The Dangerous Method  + 8.146 pts  (No selections today)

 TheBaseballTippe +2.627 pts    (No selections today)

TUB -627.95 pts  (No selections today)

There are no bets advised today, but there will be a 0.1pt patent and an accumulator of some sort on Saturday/Sunday for both The Dangerous Method TheBaseballTipper.  Plus a 10 pt patent and a 10 pt accumulator for TUB.

On to the final Sign Up Now sponsored Top 4. 

Following table courtesy of

Premier League Table: 26 Dec 2013 20:32
2>Manchester City1832389003763241615
6>Newcastle United186335311795041214

The top 3 in the Sign Up Now Topfor December looks like this:


Arsenal  Chelsea  Man City  Liverpool  125 goals   12pts  Mr. B. Nugent
Arsenal  Chelsea  Liverpool  Man City  132 goals   10 pts Mr. D. Thomas
Arsenal  Man City  Man Utd  Chelsea      99 goals   10pts   Mr. L. McCulloch

Tiebreaker Goals scored so far 165.

With the relevant fixtures for the Premier League being:

28th December

Manchester City vs Crystal Palace

29th December

Everton vs Southampton
Newcastle vs Arsenal
Chelsea vs Liverpool

Who Is Your Money On?


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