Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Then a Weekend Blank.

Current standings @ 17.00 hrs 10th December 2013.

The Dangerous Method  + 6.706 pts  (No bets today)

 TheBaseballTippe +1.187 pts  (No bets today)

TUB -771.95 pts  (No bets today)

Which means we must be saving up all the winners for one big hit...he wrote, hopefully.

There are no mid-week bets this week.  Too much Champions and Europa  League action for my liking.

There is plenty of action taking place in the football world though.  D J Campbell has been arrested.  Details of exactly what he is supposed to have done are pretty sketchy, but his accuser, Supergrass Sam Sodje, has apparently claimed to have punched Jose Baxter twice to get himself sent off in order to pocket £70,000.  If he is found guilty of that which he has charged himself of doing, I think the least he can do is pass £35,000 to the unfortunate Mr. Baxter who must have wondered what the hell was happening.

SSS has also been rumored to have said that he arranged for another player to be paid £30,000 for getting himself booked in a Championship game.

These claims are why I urge you not to bet on the esoteric markets of corners, throw-ins, bookings indices, players being sent off etc.etc.  They are open to manipulation by one player and that is much more likely to happen in the lower leagues where £30,000 is a great deal of money to a journeyman pro than in the Premier League and the Championship where that sort of money is not worth losing your job for.

As a professional sportsman you do not want to be in the pocket of anyone who is unscrupulous enough to rig any kind of bet, because sure as eggs are eggs, one day it will come back to haunt you.

Nobody should feel sorry for the bookmakers who offer these kinds of bets, because they have security departments who look out for punters placing unusually large bets on obscure markets and they will generally get knocked back before they can do the bookie any harm.  "No Sir, you can't have £150,000 @ 5-1 on Papphilophopotuoussous to be booked in the AEK Athens v Cardiff City match.  You can however have £5 @ 1-5 if you like?"

There will always be the odd game where things happen that you'd swear shouldn't.  Chelsea's added time penalty against West Brom being a recent example.  We, as punters, have endless replays, from all sorts of angles to determine whether a referee's controversial decision was right or wrong and we should never forget that a referee only sees it once, in real time, from an angle we cannot properly appreciate before making an instant decision.  If you think that's down to corruption then you really shouldn't be betting on football in the first place.

As everyone betting on football knows, it's caveat emptor.  If you can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen.  We're in the kitchen, red faced, sweating and determined to...

Finish The Season In Front!

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