Sunday, 22 December 2013

Completely Out of Form.

Current standings @ 18.00 hrs GMT Sunday 22nd December 2013.

The Dangerous Method  + 5.686 pts  (No selections today)

 TheBaseballTippe +0.167 pts    (No selections today)

TUB -873.95 pts  (No selections today)

It's so bad, someone was discussing with me what they should back for £30 to maximize their chances of getting off to a winning start with:

I suggested that she should put the £30 on Newport, It looked like a stone cold certainty to me, plus, in order to take advantage of the 'Free bet club' she should place a £5 accumulator which had both Newport and Dag & Red in it, just scraping through the 5-1 barrier.

The first match was postponed meaning that her first bet with UK Sportsbook instead of being a £30 winner was a £5 loser, so the free bet she gets is a £5 bet not £30 and she had to place another £5 accumulator to qualify for the 'Free bet club' because with Newport v AFC Wimbledon being postponed the odds dropped below the magical 5-1.  Needless to say she was not best pleased that my promises of untold riches fell at the first fence.

To be honest...neither am I.

Not to worry, there's just half an hour to go before Bursting The Bubble starts on:
There will be about $30,000 up for grabs to the winner, so sign-up through for your shot at Bursting that Bubble!

A Loss Of Form Happens To Everyone!

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