Tuesday, 31 December 2013

A Small Press Owing to a Small Win.

Current standings @ 18.00 hrs GMT Tuesday 31st December December 2013.

The Dangerous Method  + 8.396 pts  

 TheBaseballTippe +2.877 pts    

TUB -602.95 pts  

For The Dangerous Method TheBaseballTipper we are pressing to a 0.1 pt patent and 3 x 0.1 pt singles on the following selections:

Leeds United to beat Blackburn Rovers @ 13-10.  Score  1-2

Walsall to beat Sheffield United @ 5-4.  Score 2-1

Bristol Rovers  to draw with Cheltenham Town @ 12-5.  Match Postponed.

You are also advised  to have a 0.1 pt 5-fold on the above three matches plus:

Crystal Palace to beat Norwich @ 7-5.  Score 1-1
Fulham to beat West Ham @ 6-4.  Score 2-1

Total odds for the 5-fold 104.57-1

Total stake 1.10 pt.  Return 0.675 pt.  Loss 0.325 pt

All the above prices can be obtained as of writing this with:

For TUB you are advised to have the same Patent for 10 pts plus the same three singles for 10pts and the 5-fold, also for 10 pts.

Total stake for TUB 110 pts.  Return 67.5 pts.  Loss 32.5 pts.

On to news.  There is the faint possibility of more prize boosters in The Top 4  which you now have about five and a half hours left to enter.  It's well worth entering for the prizes that are currently available, let alone what they might be!  NB  because of prizes going unclaimed either through lack of interest or inability to fulfill qualification criteria to win a prize I am entering this competition too.  It's to good to miss.  My entry is up on the page dedicated to the competition:
 The Top 4   For those of you who cannot be bothered to go there, here it is for January in all its shining glory: 

Arsenal Chelsea  Manchester City  Everton   Goals  187

Bursting the Bubble had it's first proper success at the weekend,  Duveen won it yet again, but Henry IX got into the money and won nearly $100.  I reckon it was the safety net of knowing that even if he lost in his 3-way all-in coup with KK he was getting his money back, that helped him to cash in the Sunday Storm tournament.
That's what this site is all about, helping you to make money from your gambling!

Huzzah, Let's Sally Forth Into 2014!

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