Sunday, 29 December 2013

A Sad Farewell to Top 4 Sponsorship...for Now!

As the Top 4 under the sponsorship of  Sign Up Now reaches a climax for the final time I am able to reassure you that it will not disappear from your screen.  It will rise like a phoenix from the ashes, transformed into a smaller, less valuable competition that has more stringent conditions attached to it.  These terms and conditions will change if sponsorship is found.

Go to The Top 4 in association with thetipper for all the details. 

I will be playing tonight in our Bursting The Bubble poker tournament on: 

Once you've signed up by clicking on the above banner, click on Tourney...then Regular... then Low.
When you've done that, type in Sunday Storm into the little box on the left, about 25% of the way down the screen and click on the little button to its left and as if by magic, when that button goes green the tournament you are looking for will appear at the top of the list. looking something like this...

Dec 29 18.30*  $11.00 Sunday Storm $300K Gtd               Registering   31,221*

*  Depending on where and when you register.

Then all you have to do is finish the closest to the money, without actually cashing, of all the players that enter the tournament through, to get a free entry into next Sunday's version of the same tournament.  You do have to sign up to Pokerstars through to qualify to win this prize.  Either that or you have to have qualified to be a prize winner on before, in a different competition.

Let's Crack On!

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