Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Simply Superb Bookmaking.

Current standings @ 16.00 Hrs 27th November 2013.

The Dangerous Method  + 7.716 pts  (No bets today)

 TheBaseballTippe + 2.197 pts  (No bets today)

TUB -670.45 pts  (No bets today)

The bookies had us beat from the first whistle.  How?  They shortened the prices from Sunday night with unerring accuracy.  Wolves went from 8-13 to 8-15 and Brentford went from 5-4 to 21-20.  Even Oxford shortened from 23-20 to 11-10, so instead of a making a profit from our two winners we made a small loss.  The cunning swines!

I may come to rue these words, but I'm glad.  Every press for those of you still following  TheBaseballTipper  was being made with some of your own money. Yesterday's was an exception, but the press was supposed to be a bet of 2.4 pts not 2.1.  It means that we'll be back down to a 0.1 pt patent at the weekend and it will take a very bad run of results to lose all your current profit before the return of  TheBaseballTipper next May.  Should we have a good run of results we'll be pressing as usual, this time with the bookies money.

It's once again time for me to tell you about The BetVictor Top 4 for December. This will be the last time that Sign Up Now will sponsor the competition.  They will be sorely missed.  Don't worry, negotiations are ongoing and a new sponsor will be found in time for January.  The prizes as always are: 1st,  £50 worth of free bets,  2nd,  £30 worth of free bets and 3rd, £20 worth of free bets all courtesy of Sign Up Now. So, click on The BetVictor Top 4 for full details and fill your boots!

It's Vitally Important To Stay In Profit Once You Get There!

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