Sunday, 17 November 2013

Another Win and Now to Burst That Bubble!

Current standings @ 15.00 GMT on 17th November 2013.

Euromillions ticket now included as - 0.04 pt.

The Dangerous Method  + 7.036 pts  (No bets today)

 TheBaseballTippe + 1.517 pts (No bets today)

TUB -739.15 pts (No bets today)

It is very unlikely that there will be any football bets until next Friday at the earliest.  The weekend bets may well be posted any time after Thursday lunchtime, here in the UK.

Now it's time to set our sights on the MicroMillions-032:  $11.00 NL Hold'em [Sunday Storm Special]

First you'll need to sign-up to  

Next you'll need to sign-up to the tournament, which will cost you $11.00.  Click on the following tabs in the main lobby:

1. Tourney
2. Special
3. There's a search box just below and to the left of the Special tab.  Type Sunday Storm in that, ensuring that the little green button to the left of the search box is green.  If it's not you just have to click on it and bingo the tournament should be at the top of the page.  Sign up by clicking on the Register  button on the right hand side and you're in with a shot at the $30-40K 1st prize and failing that you might just burst the bubble...
4.  Finally you need to send an e-mail to telling me that you have entered.  You must tell me your Pokerstars alias, (Mine is Duveen) so that I can get your prize to you if you do end up Bursting the Bubble Click on this link for the rules and full terms and conditions.

Let's Burst That Bubble Or Win A Big Prize!

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