Sunday, 24 November 2013

A Mistake in the Original Settling Up of Saturday's Bets.

We actually made a profit, not a loss!

Current standings @ 17.30 GMT on Sunday 24th November 2013.

The Dangerous Method  + 7.806 pts  

 TheBaseballTippe + 2.287 pts 

TUB -662.25 pts 

Dear readers please help me out here, if you do see a mistake can you point it out to me?  I am human, I do make mistakes...I picked Wolves to win at the weekend. I won't be upset with you.  I need the profit and loss account to be accurate, or the whole edifice will come crumbling down.

INFO:  There is no Bursting The Bubble competition tonight.  Don't go playing in the Pokerstars Sunday Storm tonight, hoping to get paid for finishing outside the money by 5,000 places.  The Sunday Storm is still on but the Bursting The Bubble isn't.

Talking of competitions, we're doing well in the Wisdom of Crowds Experiment with Skybet  In a field of over 1,000,000 we currently stand in 4,243rd place, which gives us an outside shot at the title, come the end of the season.  If you are one of the few people left in the country, interested in gambling, who hasn't already signed up to play in the Super 6 ,just click on the banner below and sign-up. Signing up through makes you eligible to compete in the Wisdom of Crowds Experiment with Skybet, giving you an extra shot at a share of the top prize, it's normally £250,000 and sometimes it's as much as £1,000,000.

Staying with the theme of competitions, next month's BetVictor Top 4 Competition will be the last with Sign Up Now sponsoring the prizes.  You will be challenged to predict the Top 4 in order at midnight on Tuesday 31st December 2013 in the English Premier League.  Sign-up to  Sign Up Now by clicking the button and you might, if you can fulfill all the entry requirements, win yourself £50 worth of bets to start the New Year off with a bang!

Yet Another Press On Tuesday!

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