Monday, 21 October 2013

The First One.

Yesterday I told you that I would be recommending bookmakers that are advertised on

We'll start with four time winner of the bookmaker of the month award  Sign Up Now
Why?  Well they have been the most supportive of my site of any of the bookmakers out there. 

They have, from the very start, had a least one competition running on at all times.  Sometimes two.  The thing is that they will only run them if people are signing up to Sign Up Now through this site.  £100 per month in free bets is given out to punters entering The BetVictor Top 4 who have signed up for accounts with Sign Up Now through thetipper

In total over £1500 worth of free bets has been given to followers of thetipper via Sign Up Nowcompetitions on website.

Now you might think that the next sentence goes without writing, given the results that I have posted. Sign Up Now have never closed a winning account and never refused a bet of any size from anyone who has signed up with them through thetipper.  So all the usual moaning and groaning that goes on from punters who claim to win does not apply here.  What's more this site does have winning followers.

Signing up with Sign Up Now and entering The BetVictor Top 4 gives you access to another competition The Wisdom of Crowds which cou;d win you £1,000,000 next weekend and doesn't cost you anything to enter.  It will also gain you access to other competitions on as and when they arise.

When you sign up and place a bet they will give you a promo cash bet up the value of your first bet, maximum stake £25, if the price on that bet is evens or bigger.

Of course it goes without saying that you have to be in the UK for all this to happen.

Can anyone one explain to me why gambling is illegal in most of the USA?  Baffles me that the land of the free isn't when it comes to gambling.

Here's a chant...1,2,3, after me...

Legalize Gambling In The USA!  Legalize Gambling in the USA!

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