Wednesday, 30 October 2013

It's Do or Die Time For The Cardinals.

Current Standings @ 17.15 GMT on Wednesday 30th October 2013.

The Dangerous Method  +5.374 pts (No bets today)

 TheBaseballTipper  -10.995 pts 

TUB  -1,944.48 pts 

If you ask me a night off was exactly what St. Louis needed. 

They are in the position where a single mistake can cost them the World SeriesNot a nice place to be.

In some ways that can take the pressure offIf you figure that the game is over, relaxing and just giving it your best shot is all you can do and conversely for Boston, now within spitting distance of the biggest prize in baseball, it should be a breeze, but that's when it can all go horribly wrong.

 TheBaseballTipper says we have no option but to back Boston to win game game 6 of the World  Series.  You are advised to have 1pt on Boston to beat St. Louis @ 17-20 which is available with:

 Score 6-1 to Boston.

Total stake 1.00 pt  Return 1.85 pts.  Profit 0.85 pt.
Should Boston win tonight the baseball season will officially be over and that will mean that we end the season with the profit and loss account showing a small loss. 

For TUB you are advised to have 100 pts on Boston to beat St Louis @ 17-20

Total Stake for TUB 100 pts.  Return 185 pts.  Profit 85 pts 

 TheBaseballTipper  has asked me to tell you not to give up on the five points profit that he told you he would try to make, back in May.  He urges you to switch horses and stick with
The Dangerous Method until you have made that five points profit.

There will be more on this and a direct message from TheBaseballTipper when the 2013 MLB season is over,  after all, two wins by St. Louis in Boston and the five points profit he's been trying to make all season will be made, so his urgings to push on with The Dangerous Method might even be redundant!

Go Cards!

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