Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Calamity As Challenge thetipper with BetVictor is Withdrawn.

It has come to pass!

A competition without competition isn't fit for purpose.  Only one man entered, only one man won.  Week after week he clashed heads with me.  Twice he won, twice he lost, but every week he got paid and he's the only person who can genuinely claim to have been a better tipster than because he was the only person who took me on, heads-up.

His name:  Mr. B. Nugent  

He also won the monthly prize too and that was the straw that broke the camel's back.

Challenge thetipper with Sign Up Now is no more.  The sponsors have had enough of a competition with only one contestant and I don't blame them.

The opportunity for publicity that contestants could have gained when they won now longer exists and wont be back for the foreseeable future.

On to more pressing matters.

Current standings @ 15.00 BST on Wednesday 2nd October 2013.

TheBaseballTipper  -1.00 pt  (No bets today.)

TUB -1442.82 pts    (No bets today.)

The Safe Method  +1.274 pts   (No bets today.)

The Dangerous Method -0.086 pts  (No bets today.)

There is the small matter of tonight's American League Wild Card game to be played.  This is very important for both TUB and TheBaseballTipper. They both require Cleveland to win it because of the bets they had earlier in the season, (See previous post).  "Tampa Bay are favorites and I can see why.  Danny Salazar is Cleveland's starting pitcher.  Why?  This is Cleveland's most important game of 2013.  To me I don't care how filthy his pitches are, it's all about how he stands up to pressure and I'm not sure he's got it.  It's a shame because Cleveland look to be a team that could stand up and be counted later on in the World Series.   I hope I'm wrong about Danny.  Tampa Bay seem to realize the significance of the game with Alex Cobb up on the mound first for them. This is a one off.  Heart says Cleveland and Head says Tampa Bay.  This spells trouble, so there is no bet advised on tonight's game."  

Come On The Tribe!

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