Thursday, 31 October 2013

Battered By Boston.

This post is for readers who like their baseball.

Firstly, congratulations to the Boston Red Sox, possibly the scruffiest team ever to win the World Series.  They could also be one of the best.  We'll see.

We nailed our colours to the mast and unfortunately the Cardinals ship went down to the bottom of the ocean.  Fortunately we had the sense to jump into a lifeboat, but not before the season finished like this:

Final standings for  TheBaseballTipper -0.145 pts. To see where all the profit came from you'll need to go back to the 27th October's post, entitled, 'World Series Game 4.'

A personal message from  TheBaseballTipper

" I apologize for not getting you to the finish line in front.  My first season as a tipster was educational.  I would like to recommend that you now follow The Dangerous Method until thetipper has made you the promised profit of 5pts.  I like to think that I have taught him a few things that he didn't know.  For example he still refuses to spell color properly, but at least he's aware of how to spell it properly.  I'm going to leave you in his safe hands and I'll be back to find you some winners in the summer, starting at the beginning of next May.  Until then, It's good-bye and God Bless!"

Current Standings @ 22.30 GMT on Thursday 31st October 2013 for the other two methods running.

The Dangerous Method  +5.374 pts (No bets today)  For TheBaseballTipper followers the target we're aiming for is now +10.519 pts for The Dangerous Method.  When that is reached you will have won your 5pts for the baseball season of 2013.

TUB  -908.98 pts (No bets today)

It's Football (Soccer) All The Way!

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