Thursday, 3 October 2013

A Poker Competition Post.

This is another competition, to make up for the one we lost during the week.  It will be an occasional one that I will post from time to time.  I will not play in this tournament every week and in order for you to win the prize I must be playing in the tournament.  I will announce my participation, in advance, in a blog post.

If you sign-up to through this site and you play in the Sunday Storm Tournament on Sunday @18.30 BST you will have the opportunity to win a seat which costs $11 in the following week's tournament. This is a last longest competition.  You'll have to stay in the competition longer than all the other players that play in the tournament who signed up through including me.  My on screen alias is Duveen.  

You'll have to e-mail me at to let me know that you're playing and I will list all the players in a blog post when registration for the tournament closes.  That way you'll know who you have to beat.  I will try my best to keep track of when people are knocked out.

First prize in the Sunday Storm is usually somewhere between $20-30,000, so it's well worth playing in!

Once again, those players who have already played in other competitions on are exempt from having to sign-up to  through

There will be a page on in the Competitions section dedicated to the results.

I will be playing in the Sunday Storm on Sunday 6th October 18.30 hrs BST

See You There!

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