Thursday, 12 September 2013

TheBaseballTipper Goes Back to Work.

Standings for methods currently in use at 14.30 hrs BST on Thursday 12th September 2013 are:

 TheBaseballTipper  -16.896 pts 

TUB -2,067.90  pts (Bets for today in the previous post.)

The Safe Method  +2.934 pts  ( No bets today )

The Dangerous Method +0.234 pt ( No bets today )

Challenge thetipper with Sign Up Now. ( No bets today )

Weekly Total +0.15 pt

Monthly Total -0.07pt pts

After lengthy discussion with  TheBaseballTipper he has convinced me that his starting bank should be increased from the current bank of 20 points to win 5pts to a bank of 50 points to win 5 points.

His logic was that winning 25% of your starting bank was damned nigh on impossible, without a freakish bit of good luck.  Also, the closer the bank got to being lost the harder it was becoming to retain his composure. 

My attitude to his predicament is that I know how he feels, I went through it last year and I said that I would allow him to do so, even though it is coming to the end of the season, on one proviso, that he used up this year's bank in total first before embarking on spending another 30 points of your hard earned money.

This gives those of you who have been following him since May, the opportunity to stop, having lost the bank that you set aside to follow TheBaseballTipper throughout the MLB season without losing more money than you originally intended.

There is of course always the possibility that he might find a way out of this mess without going past the 20 pt barrier...

So, now it's on to his tips for tonight:

0.5pt singles on the following games.  Prices correct as of writing @ 15.20 BST.

Miami Marlins to beat Atlanta Braves @ 13-10 with   Score 1-6

Oakland Athletics to beat Minnesota Twins @ 5-8 with Coral £30 Free Bet  Score 8-2

Philadelphia Phillies to beat San Diego Padres @ 10-11 with Sign Up Now  Score 10-5

San Francisco Giants to beat L A Dodgers @ 163-100 with bet365  Score  2-3

Pittburgh Pirates to beat Chicago Cubs @ 6-10 with   Score 3-1

Total stake for  TheBaseballTipper 2.5 pts. Return 2.56 pts.  Profit 0.06 pts.

Climbing Back On The Horse That Threw Him Off!

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