Saturday, 21 September 2013

Now That's What I Call a Result!

Congratulations to TheBaseballTipper!

A fantastic series of results has rewarded my faith in him.  His only regret and I'm sure you've never heard this before, was that he didn't have enough on!

Current standings @ 10.30 BST on Saturday 21st September 2013.

 TheBaseballTipper  +3.21 pts

TUB -1,118.31  pts 

The Safe Method  +2.424 pts 

The Dangerous Method -0.266 pt 

Challenge thetipper with Sign Up Now.  -1.14 pt 

On to today's advice:

 TheBaseballTipper  advises you to have a 0.1pt patent on the following teams:

New York Yankees to beat San Francisco Giants @ 25-39  Score 6-0

St. Louis Cardinals to beat Milwaukee Brewers @ 20-27  Score 7-2

Los Angeles Angels to beat Seattle Mariners @ 25-42  Score 6-5

Total stake 0.7pt.  Return 1.78 pts.  Profit 1.08 pts.

These prices are available as of writing with:

For TUB you are advised to have the same patent for 10 pts

Total stake 70 pts.  Return 177.85 pts.  Profit 107.85 pts

For The Safe Method you are advised to have 1 pt on Wycombe to beat York @ 23-20, which is generally available.  Score 1-1.

Total stake 1.00 pt.  Return 0.00.  Loss 1.00 pt.

For The Dangerous Method  & Challenge thetipper with Sign Up Now you are advised to have the same bet as for The Safe Method and in addition you are advised to have a 0.1pt patent on Brighton @ 21-20, Middlesbrough @ 19-20 & Wycombe @ 23-20.  These bets should be placed with Sign Up Now.

Total stake 1.7 pts. Return 0.25 pt.  Loss 1.45 pt.

Weekend Winners Abound!


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