Monday, 16 September 2013

...and Even the Losers are Getting Some Back...

Standings for methods currently in use at 11.00 hrs BST on Monday 16th September 2013 are:

 TheBaseballTipper  -16.27 pts 

TUB -1,947.76  pts 

The Safe Method  +2.964 pts  (No Bets today)

The Dangerous Method +0.274 pt (No Bets today)

Challenge thetipper with Sign Up Now. The same patent as for  TheBaseballTipper for 0.1 pt.  (See below.)  Total stake 0.7 pt.  Return 0.1 pt.  Loss 0.6 pt.

Weekly Total +/- 0.00 pts.           The leader is currently +/- 0.00 pts

Monthly Total +1.08 pts                  "        "       "       "        +5.24 pts

Before we go any further, it's time to reveal the winner of last week's Challenge thetipper with Sign Up Now.
thetipper Mr. B. Nugent
week 1 -0.22 -2.00
week 2 +1.30 +7.24
Monthly  +1.08 +5.24
Season +1.08 +5.24

Congratulations to Mr. B. Nugent who actually wins the competition this week.  He was cunning enough to stick his selection with mine in a double, as they both won, he was quids in.  Well done him!  It's easy to enter, just go to Challenge thetipper with BetVictor!

A winner on the baseball that doesn't actually make much difference to TheBaseballTipper. The reason it doesn't make much difference is because he seems intent on a path of self- destruction as he presses with the 3.73 points available to him, until 20 pts have been lost.  I have a theory that when you don't actually give a fig whether a bet wins or loses, for some reason it is far more likely to win.  The feeling has to be genuine.  Faking doesn't work. You can kiss the money goodbye if you're pretending...

TheBaseballTipper advises you to have the following bets:

A 0.4 pt patent and a 0.93 pt treble on:

Pittsburgh Pirates to beat San Diego Padres @ 4- 7.  Score 0-2

Atlanta Braves to beat Washington Nationals @ Evs.  Postponed.

Oakland Athletics to beat Los Angeles Angels @ 4-6.  Score 1-12.

Total stake 3.73 pts.  Return 0.4 pt.  Loss 3.33

These prices are available as of writing with Sign Up Now

bet365 are now offering better prices than that, but thetipper is sticking with Sign Up Now.

For TUB you are advised to have a 40 pt patent on the same selections.

Total stake for TUB 280 pts.  Return 40 pts.  Loss 240 pts

The Wisdom Of Crowds Experiment with Skybet has dropped down a couple of hundred places to 1,674th, which is still pretty good when you consider that there are more than 700,000 people playing it and we did get a correct score...

Creative Self-Destruction!

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