Saturday, 24 August 2013

Tiptoeing To Another Press.

Standings for methods currently in use at 11.00 hrs BST on Saturday 24th August 2013 are:

  TheBaseballTipper  -1.756 pts

TUB -801.846 pts

The Safe Method  +3.504 pts  (No bets today, see previous post for weekend bets.)

The Dangerous Method  +3.504 pts (No bets today, see previous post for weekend bets.)

For  TheBaseballTipper  we are pressing once more and yet again we are sticking to a double.  This will only change when  TheBaseballTipper  is feeling confident that all three will win or another change is needed.  For today you are advised to have a 1pt double on:

Texas Rangers to beat Chicago White Sox @ 100-193  Score 2-3

Cincinnati Reds to beat Milwaukee Brewers @ 25-48  Score 6-3

Total stake 1.00 pt.  Return 0.00.  Loss 1.00 pt.

The prices are available as of 17.13 BST with: bet365  

For TUB you are advised to have the same double for 100 pts.  That should shorten the price, if they'll take the bet!  You should also keep 1pt available for use on   this afternoon.  We'll be using it on the Southampton vs Sunderland game.  I will add to this post as you are advised to use it.  

Total stake 101.00 pts.  Return 1.006.  Loss 99.994 pts.

This is purely for TUB punters only.

12.30 No bet yet.

14.30 No bet yet.

15.00  We're going to lay the draw as soon as the game starts at 3.25 for a profit of £11.11. which will cost us £25 should the game end in a draw.

15.04 Woah, Sunderland have gone in front!  No change to the strategy, leave that Lay up there!

15.10  Bet £10 on Sunderland to win @2.76. 

15.15 OK you're on @ 2.70. Liability £10.00 to win 17.00 less 5%.

15.21 Leave that lay up there!

15.37 Lay taken.  Liability now £35 if the match is a draw.

15.45 Half-time, so far so good.

16.13  Sunderland go odds-on for the first time today...

16.30 Lay Sunderland @ 1.35 for £13 to win £37.14.  The Lay has not been taken yet.

16.39.  Lay taken, we're in a no lose situation.  Worst result the draw.  It's break even.

17.00 We broke even.  88th minute goal saves Saints and we didn't lose even though I got the result totally wrong.

Excited? You Will Be!

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