Monday, 26 August 2013

Quick March!

Now that we're headed in the right direction, we might as well seem determined to get where we're going.

Talking of where we're going, how about the climax of The Ashes yesterday?  It's comforting to know that absolutely nothing changes in England.  As a Briton I know exactly where I stand with the establishment,  They have one foot on my throat and I'm supposed to do as I'm told.  In the First World War, the Germans said the 'Tommy's' were, 'Lions led by donkeys.'  It's still true. The blustering of Giles Clarke, Chairman of the ECB was reassuring to listen to, as a prime example of this. He said and I quote, 

"Totally unsatisfactory, been a magnificent match and I'm afraid to say the rules are clearly completely unacceptable...ah, should have been dealt with previously by David Richardson, but I expect him to deal with them at the next ICC board meeting in October.  Cannot be any slovenly behaviour about this."

Interviewer: You'll be making a representation about it will you?

"I'll be doing a little bit more than that."

I say that that's a prime example of someone adopting the old tactic of shouting loud enough to distract attention from their own failures.

Yes, the ICC has been exposed as a bunch of silly twits, but let's face it, our administrators haven't exactly covered themselves in glory either.  To my knowledge the ICC doesn't schedule and dictate the start and finish times of Test Matches in England and Wales.

The first Ashes Test Match was on 10th July in Nottingham.  Sunrise 04.50, Sunset 21.30.

Last Ashes Test Match, The Oval, 25th August.  Sunrise 06.00, Sunset 20.00.

Do you see where I'm going with this?  

Every Match is scheduled to start at 11.00 am and finish at 18.30.  Barmy.

Why can't they schedule a series as important as The Ashes to start in June and finish in July and/or move the start time from 11.00 am to 10.00 am? 

On another matter to do with the laws I'm going to jump on Geoffrey Boycott's and others' bandwagon, we must  penalize slow over rates.  If the required over rate is 15/ hour and a side only bowls 12, they should be penalized in runs given to the batting side at the rate that the batting side is scoring. 3 x 4.2 = 12.6 = 13 runs and those overs must still be bowled so that 90 are bowled in a day. 

Climbs down off the soapbox...

Standings for methods currently in use at 11.00 hrs BST on Monday 26th August 2013 are:

 TheBaseballTipper  -1.606 pts

TUB -787.04 pts

The Safe Method  +2.984 pts  

The Dangerous Method  +0.384 pts 

Firstly baseball and  TheBaseballTipper's  selections for today.  As usual, after a win we're pressing and this time we're having a 1 pt double on:

Colorado Rockies to beat San Francisco Giants  Score 6-1
Los Angeles Dodgers to beat Chicago Cubs  Score 6-2

Total stake 1.00.  Return 2.27.  Profit 1.27

This double is 2.27  at the time of writing with both:


William Hill Sports

It's now 2.34 with William Hill Sports & 2.29 with bet365 On here it will be settled at 2.27

For TUB you are advised to have the same double for the increased stake of 100 pts.

Baseball for  TUB.  Total stake 100. Return 227 pts.  Profit 127 pts.

Football.  There are so many offers around for the Manchester Utd. vs Chelsea game that I am going to sift through them and try to come up with a gem this evening for The Safe MethodThe Dangerous Method & TUB.  They will be posted here later.

For those of you following  TheBaseballTipper TUB, your free 0.1pt bet, the prize from entering last week's BetVictor Blues by Five  should now be in your account.  You are advised to place it on Tampa Bay Rays to Win the World Series @ 10-1 with Sign Up Now.
Next update will be for tonight's football.

First football bet this evening is for The Safe MethodThe Dangerous Method TUB

All of tonight's bets should be placed with: 
Football Jackpot Gif 468x60
For The Safe Method & The Dangerous Method you are advised to have a 0.1 correct score single on 0-0 @ 10-1.

For  TUB you are advised to have 10pts on the same correct score.

You can get better prices, but Coral are refunding all losing Correct  Score and First and Last Goalscorer bets if Manchester Utd. win.

Plus, of course, by signing up with Coral you'll qualify to be part of a free communal entry into The Football Jackpot.  There is of course one small hiccup, I'm not advising a £50 bet for you tonight, so if you haven't already got a Coral account it's probably best to wait until another day because you wouldn't want to miss that £50 free bet!

You are also advised that there will be First/Last and Anytime goalscorer bets up as soon as the team sheets are released.  You're recommended to come back 15 minutes before kick off to find out who to have a bet on.

For The Safe Method & The Dangerous Method you are advised to have a 0.1 pt  bet on Juan Mata of Chelsea to score the 1st  goal @ 10-1, the last goal @10-1 & 0.2 pt to score at anytime @ 7-2.  (Stake returned, he did not play*.) You are further recommended  to have a 0.1pt bet on Robin Van Persie to score the first goal @ 4-1, the last goal @ 4-1 and 0.2pt to score any time @ Evs.

For TUB you are advised to have the same bets for 10pts first and last and 20 pts any time.

Total stake for The Safe Method & The Dangerous Method 0.9 pt. Return 1.10 pts.  Profit 0.2 pt.

Football stake for TUB * 90 pts. Return 110 pts.  Profit 20 pts.

* 0.4 pts returned on 3rd September. Profit and loss for The Safe Method & The Dangerous Method adjusted accordingly.

* 40 pts returned on 3rd September.  Profit and loss for TUB adjusted accordingly.

Right Turn !

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