Monday, 12 August 2013

A Post From Ooop North!

Current standings for methods in use at 11.00 hrs on Monday 12th August 2013.

 TheBaseballTipper -0.706 pts

TUB  -706.566 pts

The Safe Method  +3.424 pts  (No bets today)

The Dangerous Method  +3.424 pts  (No bets today)

After my fully deserved praise of Sign Up Now yesterday, today I have to be pretty much the same about the other bookmaker that is involved in a competition on, 
UK Sportsbook.  They have a string of offers that almost beggar belief at the moment.  I'll run through them.

1.  If you open an account with them by clicking on a UK Sportsbook button you are entitled to a free entry, every week into the Wisdom of Crowds Experiment, which is aiming to take down some of the prize money in the  Super 6 competition.  We are currently 1,845th in a competition that has over 250,000 entrants.

2. More importantly perhaps, by opening account you are immediately entitled to enter the Super 6 on your own account for a free shot at winning the £250,000 all for yourself!

That's the free stuff over and done with, now comes the gambling bit, which actually, currently, is not a bad punt at all.

3. When you open a betting account and deposit some cash with UK Sportsbook you immediately get a free, no obligation £10 bet.

4. The Free Bet Club.  If you place a £5 accumulator, with at least 2 selections at odds of 5-1 or greater every week you'll get a free £5 bet to use the following week.  They are trying to get the bet credited to your account every Tuesday.  This is the point, you should take advantage of the Free Bet Club by having a £5 accumulator every weekend.  If you want selections for this you should send an e-mail to

I have to tell you at this point that the odds for the selections I send you may well shorten due to the number of bets being placed, so in order to reduce demand I have to stipulate that only people opening an account with UK Sportsbook through or will be entitled to receive them.  They will not be included in the profit and loss account and I will not brag about the profits that they make!

5. Sky Poker .  My experience is If you sign up they help you to win.  Not a huge amount.  The thing is they don't throw everything just at getting new players.  Just give it time and you'll understand...

OK, that's it for now on the praise front, now on to tonight's baseball.

If you are following  TheBaseballTipper  you are advised to have the following teams in a 0.1 pt patent.

Atlanta Braves to beat Philadelphia Phillies @ 20-33  Score 1-5

Detroit Tigers to beat Chicago White Sox @  5-6  Score 2-6

Kansas City Royals to beat Miami Marlins @  5-9  Score 6-2

Total stake 0.7 pt.  Return 0.16.  Loss 0.54 pt

These prices are available as of writing with:

For TUB you are advised to have a 10 pt patent on the same selections.

Total stake 70 pts.  Return 15.56.  Loss 54.44 pts.

As they say in Yorkshire:

Eee By Gum, Them's Good Tips Them is!

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