Friday, 16 August 2013

Another Free to Enter Competition.

Current standings for methods in use at 10.00 hrs BST on Friday 16th August 2013 are:

 TheBaseballTipper -2.596 pts

TUB  -895.026 pts

The Safe Method  +3.424 pts  

The Dangerous Method  +3.424 pts  

Lots to tell you about today, so let's start with the baseball.  For those of you following  TheBaseballTipper you are advised to have a 0.1 pt patent on the following teams:

Pittsburgh Pirates to beat Arizona Diamondbacks @ 7-10  Score 6-2

Tampa Bay Rays to beat Toronto Blue Jays @ 7-10  Score 5-4

Atlanta Braves to beat Washington Nationals @ 3-5  Score 3-2

These prices are currently available (14.30 BST.) with: 

You are also advised to have a 0.1 pt 5-fold  with Sign Up Now on the above teams, plus:

Boston Red Sox to beat New York Yankees  Score 3-10
Los Angeles Angels to beat Houston Astros Score 2-8

The price for this bet is 9.87-1 and this 5-fold is your entry into the penultimate week of The BetVictor Blues by Five competition.  If it wins, hooray and we'll place another 5-fold some time later on in the week. If it loses it gets you 0.1pt promo cash to have a bet with next week.  The 0.1 pt that you won by entering last week's competition should be put on St. Louis Cardinals to win the World Series @ 10-1 with Sign Up Now.

Total Stake for TheBaseballTipper 0.8 pt.  Return 1.8 pts.  Profit 1.00 pt.

For TUB you are advised to have the same patent for 10 pts and the same 5-fold for 0.1 pt plus the same promo cash bet on St. Louis Cardinals to win the World Series.

Total stake for TUB 70.1 pts.  Return 179.54 pts.  Profit 109.44 pts.

On to the football.  Firstly for The Safe Method you are advised to have and at this point I have to thank  TheBaseballTipper as I nick his betting method, a 0.1pt patent on:

Nott'm Forest to beat Bolton @ 5-4.  Score 3-0

Walsall to beat Notts County @ 5-4. Score 1-1

Peterborough to beat Oldham @ 4-6.  Score 2-1

Total stake for The Safe Method 0.7 pt.  Return 0.78.  Profit 0.08 pt.

The above prices are available with:
Sign Up Now & William Hill Sports

Secondly, for The Dangerous Method you are advised to have The above patent plus two 0.8pt singles and one 0.4pt  double on:

 West Brom to beat Southampton @ 7-5  Score 0-1.
Leyton Orient to beat Stevenage @ 6-4  Score 1-0.

These prices are available with:
William Hill Sports & Sign Up Now

Total stake for  The Dangerous Method 2.7 pts.  Return 2.78 pts.  Profit 0.08 pt.

Now for the free to enter competition.  If you sign-up to a new account with Coral through, not only will you get their £50 free bet offer you will also get an entry every week into the Coral  Football Jackpot Competition.  You don't have to do anything to enter apart from open an account with Coral, which will be run along the lines of the Wisdom of Crowds Experiment which is already running.  You can send in your own predictions for the Football Jackpot if you like, to and they will win you an extra share for every week that you send in a prediction.

If you've signed up for a new account with Coral, that automatically gets you one share of any winnings for every week that the Football Jackpot is played on UK football.  You get an extra share if you send in your predictions.  The maximum amount of shares you can earn every week is two.

Full Rules and Terms and Conditions will be posted on shortly!

While we're on the subject of free competitions attempting to win a bundle, have you signed-up for the previously mentioned Wisdom Of Crowds Experiment ?  If not, open an account with  UK Sportsbook, it's free and what's more they give you £10 to have a bet with.  When you've signed-up go to Wisdom Of Crowds Experiment and have an extra free shot at winning a share of £250,000 every week.

Let's Hope The Good Form Returns!

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