Monday, 15 July 2013

We're Halfway Through the Season But Not Halfway There.

As of 12.00 hrs BST on Monday 15th July 2013 the position is:

TheBaseballTipper  -5.622 pts

TUB  -1,153.83 pts 

Our outstanding, season long, to win the World Series, already placed bets, are:

0.5pt Cleveland Indians @ 50-1 with Stan James William Hill Sports UK Sportsbook.

0.5pt Arizona Diamondbacks @ 18-1 with Sign Up Now, Coral £30 Free Bet & Stan James.

0.1pt 'promo cash' Arizona Diamondbacks @ 22-1 with  Sign Up Now.

For TUB they are:
50 pts Cleveland Indians @ 50-1 with Stan James William Hill Sports UK Sportsbook.

50 pts Arizona Diamondbacks @ 18-1 with  Sign Up NowCoral £30 Free Bet & Stan James.

0.1pt 'promo cash'  Arizona Diamondbacks @ 22-1 with  Sign Up Now.

The 'promo cash' bets stakes are not returned in the event of a winner and all the above bets are already included in the profit and loss accounts of both methods as a loss. So in the event of a winner the stakes will be included in the profit.

The next games will be played on the 19th July and you should be warned that it is during the second half of the season that TheBaseballTipper finds it hardest to win.  The overrounds that the bookies give out mean that it is very difficult to make a profit, i.e. if he hasn't made a profit by now he has normally ended the season in the minus.

Let's hope it's false modesty...

For TUB followers I know you desperately want a bet today, but I'm sorry there isn't anything I fancy enough and  TheBaseballTipper is on holiday...

Good Luck Viewers!

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