Friday, 19 July 2013

Second Day of The Second Test and Baseball's Back!

Your attention please!  

11.27am Cricket punters with the £25 bet on the draw, you should now back the draw at odds of 3.75 for £2.  Total stake now  £27.00.

13.46 pm We need a long slow Aussie partnership for the second wicket now.  No change in the bets.  We're simply waiting for the draw to go down to 2.2.

14.17  Another £2 bet @ 4.00 on the draw.  Total stake now £29.

These bets are now going to get more frequent, so keep your eyes on this space.

14.30 Another £2 bet @ 5.00.  Total stake now £31.  As yet this bet has not been taken...

14.50  It has now.  Stake £31 to win £70.77.

15.05  We now up the lay at 2.20 to £31.

On to the baseball...

TheBaseballTipper's not a happy bunny.  He claims that my crazy bet on the cricket was totally unprovoked and is a unmitigated disaster.  That was before Australia went completely bananas with their two DRS.  Wasting 2 and not using one when they should have.  We will not get out of this particular hole if they are going to play cricket with the IQ of a mule.

I am sorry, we are going to have to take this loss on the chin.  The Lay of £31 @ 2.2 stays up until the game is over.  It looks like we'll have to accept a loss of £8.28 on the game, unless Australia manage to haul the Test Match out of the fire, then we'll lose a lot more.  The one thing you can say for sure is that this game will not be a draw.

Tonight you are advised to have a 0.1pt patent on:

Boston Red Sox to beat new York Yankees @ 8-13  Score 4-2

Miami Marlins to beat Milwaukee Brewers @ 7-5  Score 0-2

Colorado Rockies to beat Chicago Cubs @ 4-6  Score 1-3

Total stake: 0.7 pt  Return 0.16  Loss 0.54 pt

These prices are available as of writing with:

For TUB you are advised to have the same bet for 10pts

Total stake 70 pts.  Return 16.37 pts,  Loss 53.63 pts.

Welcome Back TheBaseballTipper!

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