Monday, 8 July 2013

Pressing, Pitching & Pinging Them Off the Bat!

Before any of today's tips the situation as of 12.00 hrs BST on 8th July 2013 is:

TheBaseballTipper  -6.142 pts

TUB  -1,305.89 pts

You are advised to have the following bets today.  A 0.1pt patent & 3 x 0.1pt doubles on:

Detroit Tigers to beat Miami Marlins @ 50-81  Score 4-2 (It was Cleveland Indians not Miami!)

Atlanta Braves to beat Miami Marlins@ 5-8  Score 7-1

Chicago Cubs to beat Chicago White Sox @ 21-20  Score 8-2

I'm including the Detroit result in the profit and loss only because Miami were beaten by Atlanta and Detroit won.  If Miami had won, both games would have been counted as losers.  If Detroit had lost to Cleveland the first bet would have been included as a loss in the profit and loss.  A horrid typo caused by me adjusting TheBaseballTipper's listing them in his order of preference to me ordering them in their start times, plus shoddy proof reading on my part.  So, apologies and I hope you were on!

Total Stake 1.00 pt.  Return 2.92 pts.  Profit 1.92 pts

These prices are currently available with:  bet365  

 For TUB you are advised to have the same bets for 10pts.  

Total stake 100 pts. Return 292.29.  Profit 192.29pts

Happy Homers!

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