Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Managing Your Money.


With the new football season fast approaching it is perhaps time to start thinking about which method you are planning to follow and how you are going to bankroll it.  

My advice is to follow The Dangerous Method.  Primarily because it gives you more room for manoeuvre, with a starting bank of 40 pts.  This method allied with a new competition, will give you a better chance of winning in 2013/14 than you had last season, which to be honest was a complete disaster.

So let's base the rest of this post on the assumption that you are going to start with a bank of 40 points.  This needs to be an amount that you are prepared to lose and should be put aside to use with the bookmakers on this site as and when required.  If you are prepared to lose £40 during the football season and hoping to win £10, then each point is worth £1.  If you are prepared to lose £4,000 then each point is worth £100 and the profit target is £1,000.

Undoubtedly the best place to keep it, in order to keep it completely separate from your other finances is to open a NETELLER account, put your bankroll into it and deposit it with the various bookmakers as bets are advised. The secret is don't add to it, top it up, or borrow from it until the end of the football season or the profit target is reached.  The plan is to make £500, which is 10 points.  It may not happen, but it won't be for want of trying!

There will be the first bets of the new season for The Safe Method & The Dangerous Method tomorrow and one for TUB TheBaseballTipper too. I'll have to hope he's in a good mood when he gets back on Friday because this off piste bet is neither a football nor a baseball bet.

I'm going to tweet like mad about it because it's too good to miss!

Good Fortune Viewers!

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