Saturday, 8 June 2013

Treading Water...

Unless you're playing TUB, in which case you sank a little deeper.

TheBaseballTipper -2.252 pts

TUB - 1,071.32 pts

Today's bets and selections are, for TheBaseballTipper, a 0.1pt patent on:

A) Texas Rangers to beat Toronto Blue Jays @  100-159    Score 3-4

B) Cleveland Indians to beat Detroit Tigers @  123-100      Score 4-6

Now this is going to be tricky to place because the third game is...

C) Boston Red Sox to beat Los Angeles Angels in Game 2 @ 4-7 Score 7-2

A patent is made up of seven bets.  3 x 0.1pt singles on games A, B & C.  3 x 0.1pt doubles on AB, AC & BC and a 0.1pt treble on AB C

You can place two of the three singles straight away A & B and one of the doubles A + B.  
The third single on C you will have to place when the price becomes available, probably around 20.00 hrs BST.  For the other two doubles A+C & B+C you will have to initially place another 0.1 pt single on both A & B and put any return from those bets on C.  For the treble you will have to put another 0.1pt double on A + B and then put any returns you get on to C.

I hope all that is clear.  The best prices available on both A & B are on offer from:


We'll worry about the price on C at 20.30 hrs BST!  Looks like we'll have to wait until 22.30, as of writing @ 21.05 they are still playing game 1.

Total stake 0.7pt  Total return 0.16  Loss -0.54pt

For TUB you should do exactly the same but for 10pts

TUB Total Stake 70 pts   Total return 15.71 Loss 54.29 pts

Let's Do Double Play Delirium!

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