Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Then a Slap in the Face.

Oh that hurt!  Neither team could win last night and it leaves the scores on the doors looking like this:

TheBaseballTipper  -7.212 pts

TUB  -1,405.05 pts

It's starting to appear to be very much like the last football season and I wouldn't blame you one little bit if you stopped following the tips on here.  It seems to me that marriage has taken the edge off TheBaseballTipper's predictive skills.  The problem I have is that I am not in a position to sack him because there is no way that I could do any better.  I thought Toronto would win last night and at least he avoided that banana skin!  There are a couple of good reasons why you should keep coming to read the blog and they are, firstly:

With under a week to go until the July edition of the Sign Up Now Top 4 in Association with thetipper.co.uk it's time I brought your attention to this splendid competition, once again.  Three prizes are up for grabs.  They are, from 1st to 3rd,  £50 worth of free bets, £30 worth of free bets and £20 worth of free bets Just try to predict the top 4 in the correct order of The MLB American League East.  Don't worry if you know nothing about baseball and your prediction skills are worse than ours, because in June there are only two entries and third prize of £20 worth of free bets will not be won!  So, give it a whirl.  Full T & C's are up at http://www.thetipper.co.uk/competitions.php?title=The-BetVictor-Top-4-in-association-with-thetipper.co.uk

Have you signed up to have a £5/ week free accumulator?  This is so good it's unbelievable.  So unbelievable in fact that it gets very few entries.  So few entries that every week there are more prizes on offer than there were the week before.  If you enter it is more than probable that you will get your money back even if all your selections lose and if your accumulator wins, frankly I don't think you'll give a damn.  If you have any friends who like a punt why don't you tell them about it because there's nothing quite like being told that you can have a free bet to win a fortune to cheer a mate up.  Full T & C's are up at http://www.thetipper.co.uk/competitions.php?title=BetVictor-Blues-by-Five-in-association-with-thetipper.co.uk

OK, that's the good stuff out of the way, now we come to the shaky part of the post...the tips.

You are advised to have a 0.1 pt patent on 

Texas Rangers to beat New York Yankees @ 20-27  Score 3-4

San Diego Padres to beat Philadelphia Phillies @ 10-11  Score 2-6

Pittsburgh Pirates to beat Seattle Mariners @ 5-6  Score 9-4

Total stake 0.7pt.  Return 0.18 pt.  Loss 0.52 pt.

These prices are correct as of posting with:


For TUB you are advised to have a 10 pt patent on the above games at the above odds.

Total stake 70 pts.  Return 18.33 pts.  Loss 51.67 pts.

Here's To You Winning Some Bets!

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