Thursday, 13 June 2013

The Good, The Bad & The Downright Ugly.

The Good:  Arizona Diamondbacks beat Los Angeles Dodgers.  If you opened a new account with Sign Up Now, not only did your 0.5pt opening bet win, but you now have another 0.5pt free bet in promo cash sat in your account waiting for you to punt it!  You can hang on for another TheBaseballTipper special or bet it any way you please!

The Bad:  The Tigers & the Cubs, both blew the lead to destroy the patent.

The Downright Ugly:  Due to the postponement of the White Sox v Blue Jays game the 5-fold became a 4-fold, so the free promo cash went west.  Lesson to be learned, all 5-folds will now be 6-timers!

This leaves the State of Play, up to and including 12th June 2013.:.

TheBaseballTipper -3.212 pts

TUB -1,197.56 pts

Pretty grim I'm sure you'll agree, but if I put a McCawberish spin on things, I do have faith in TheBaseballTipper. He's getting close and I am convinced that he will be showing a profit of 5 pts or more by the end of the baseball season and you can quote me on that should you wish to do so.

OK, that was then and this is now.  Today's tips are as follows...

If you are following  TheBaseballTipper you are advised to have a 0.1 pt patent on:

New York Mets to beat St Louis Cardinals @ 5-4  Score 1-2

Texas Rangers to beat Toronto Blue Jays @ 9-20  Score 1-3

Philadelphia Phillies to beat Minnesota Twins @ 17-10  Score 3-2

These odds and the bookmaker with the best price for the treble is .  What  don't do is offer up any sign-up bonus free bet for UK Customers.  You're fine if you're a European, but you're not if you're a Brit, for some reason.

Total stake 0.7 pt.  Total return 0.27 pts. Loss 0.43 pt.

If you are following TUB you are advised to have a 10 pt patent on those same matches.

Total stake 70 pts.  Total return 27 pts.  Loss 43 pts.

It's Outta Here!

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