Wednesday, 19 June 2013

She's Addled His Brain.

Mine too.  

I didn't spot the mistake he'd made regarding the Dodger's opponents.  It was a problem that was easily resolved when the game was postponed. Leaving the current scores at:

TheBaseballTipper -3.342 pts

TUB  -1207.64 pts
Before I go any further, after possibly costing Michael Vaughan 12.75 pts yesterday at Royal Ascot, I feel obliged to make some form of recompense in the form of ...some more tips!
These are not for TheBaseballTipper or TUB.

So here goes.  It is imperative that your bets should be placed with...

14.30  Montiridge.  Michael should back any horse he fancies in this race after clicking on the banner and opening an account with Sign Up Now.  

Off to a flyer!  Montiridge was 2nd @ 15-2
If Michael's selection lost his stakes will have been refunded by Sign Up Now.  If the horse he picked won, or got placed, he will hopefully have won a nice few bob if he kept his stake down to 1/2 pt or £25.  There will be no outrageous claims of profit making on here,  just the acknowledgement of extra losses as and when they occur. OK, OK, he could in theory have lost an extra one and a half points if he was betting to the same stakes as yesterday, but as he probably didn't read the post he is more likely to be +/- 0.00 on the day.

17.00  Again Michael should back any horse he fancies up to a maximum of £25 and have the bet with Sign Up Now.  Oops!  Looks like he's now -13.25, unless he backed Rozeena, which, given what I advised him to do yesterday he may well have done...

That's it for today Michael.  More tomorrow, unless you fancy a punt on the baseball...

TheBaseballTipper suggests that you have a 0.1pt patent on the following games:

In GAME 1 of 2.  Baltimore Orioles to beat Detroit Tigers @ 5-4 Score 13-3

Cleveland Indians to beat Kansas City Royals @ 20-31  Score 6-3

Pittsburgh Pirates to beat Cincinnati Reds @ 61-50 Score 1-2

Total stake 0.7 pt. Total return 0.76 pt.  Profit 0.06 pt.

These prices are available, as of writing, with: 


For TUB followers you are advised to have the same patent for 10 pts.

Total stake 70 pts.  Total return 75.97 pts.  Profit 5.97 pts

Go On Michael!

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