Thursday, 20 June 2013

More Mares for Michael?

TheBaseballTipper recommends that you should have a 0.1 pt patent on the following games.

Washington Nationals to beat Colorado Rockies @ 25-44 Score 5-1

Atlanta Braves to beat the New York Mets @ 1-2  Score 3-4

Seattle Mariners to beat Los Angeles Angels @ 100-109  Score 9-10

You are also advised to have a 2 pt single on Atlanta Braves to beat New York Mets @ 1-2.

Total stake 2.7 pt  Return 0.16  Loss 2.54 pts

These prices are available as of going to press with:


For TUB you are advised to have a 10 pt patent plus a 20 point single on Atlanta to beat the Mets.

Total Stake 90 pts  Return 15.68 pts  Loss 74.32 pts

Current scores are:

TheBaseballTipper -3.282 pts

TUB  -1201.67 pts

Michael Vaughan's  Royal Ascot Advice Service -13.25 pts.

Staying with advice for Michael, today he is advised to do the following:

Have 0.5 pt win on Wentworth in the 16.25 at Royal Ascot with  Sign Up Now.

He should then have 2.5 pts @ the early price of 4-1 on Wentworth with:
  bet365   We are trying to get him the best possible shot at winning, at the best possible price here, so it is very important that he should take the 4-1 on  because should the price shorten he will still get a 2.5 point free bet on the 17.00 at Royal Ascot if Wentworth wins,  because 4-1 is the price at which the bet will be settled unless he drifts of course, then a win will be settled at the longer price..  Result 4th @ 7-2 Loss -2.5 pts

If Wentworth does win the horse he should back with his 2.5pt free bet in the 17.00 is Remote.  Remote should again be backed with  in the hope that he will drift to 4-1. 
Result. 1st 9-4, Doh!

In the 17.35 Michael should have 0.5 pt with Sign Up Now in the promotion on Bold Sniper.

He should also have 2.5 pts on Bold Sniper with  at their early price of 11-2 to take advantage of both their best price and 4-1 winner promotions.

That should go a long way towards repairing the damage done on the first two days of the Royal meeting!  Or not, as the case may be...

Total Stake for Michael 6pts.  Loss -5.5 pts  Total Damage -18.75 pts

Damage, Schmamage!

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