Sunday, 16 June 2013

A Nupial Nice One!

I'll have to persuade him to get married more often.  They all won last night!

Now comes the difficult bit.  He's off on his honeymoon and somehow he's got to get his selections to me whilst making sure his bride is being properly attended to.  Could be difficult.  So difficult in fact that he has refused to send me in any selections for today. 

As much as this is like throwing a sickie, I understand perfectly and will let it go, just this once.  I'm certainly not going to wander into unknown territory with my blindfold and pin so you'll simply have to make do with a horse for TUB and the current scores on the doors.

For TUB you are advised to have 10pts e.w. on Picabo in the 16.40 @ Doncaster.  We're warming up for Royal Ascot next week.

You are advised to place this bet with:


By taking the price, which is currently 4-1, you are taking advantage of their Best Price offer which means that if the SP is bigger, you'll get that bigger price.

Total Stake 20 pts. Result 3rd 13-2.  Return 23 pts.  Profit 3 points.

Scores on the doors:

TheBaseballTipper -2.752 pts

TUB -1,151.79 pts (before today's bet on Picabo). 

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