Saturday, 22 June 2013

A Change of Fortune.

Two winners on the baseball can still manage a loss.  Yesterday the odds were long enough to make a small profit.  That along with a reasonably priced winner for Michael Vaughan leaves things looking like this, before any of today's action.

 TheBasballTipper  -5.642 pts

TUB  -1,257.71 pts

MIchael Vaughan's  Royal Ascot Advice Service  -5.25 pts

I am only advising one more bet for Michael Vaughan at this year's Royal Meeting at Ascot, so this is effectively his Get Out Stakes.  In the 2.30 he is advised to have 0.5 pt on Somewhat with

 He is also advised to have a 1.5 pt win bet on Somewhat taking the 3-1 that


are offering in the hope that not only will he win but that he'll also drift out to 4-1 or bigger, so that Michael can have a free bet on the 3.05.

He is also advised to have a 1pt bet on Somewhat  to win with to take advantage of their £50 free bet offer plus if Somewhat wins he'll have a free 0.2pt bet on something tomorrow. I'm sure  TheBasballTipper will find him something juicy.

Total stake for Michael Vaughan 3 pts.  Return 0.5 pt.  Loss 2.5 pt

Tonight's baseball courtesy of  TheBasballTipper is a 0.1 pt patent plus three 0.1pt doubles on the following games.  (Prices will be posted when they are available.)

Washington Nationals to beat Colorado Rockies @ 4-5  Score 1-7

Chicago Cubs to beat Houston Astros @ 20-31  Score 3-4

Cleveland Indians to beat Minnesota Twins @ 5-8  Score 8-7

These prices are available with Don't forget you'll have to have a £50 bet on something else if you want to take full advantage of their £50 free bet sign up offer.

For a 0.1 five-fold with Sign Up Now @ 13.14-1 add the Arizona Diamondbacks and the St Louis Cardinals to enter this fantastic competition.  It's a no bullshit, money back if you have a losing accumulator, giveaway!

Total Stake 1.1pt  Return 0.16  Loss 0.94 pt

For TUB you are advised to have the same patent for 10pts and the same doubles for 10pts too plus a 0.1pt five fold with Sign Up Now.

Total Stake 100.10 pts.  Return 16.25 pts  Loss 83.85

Good Luck To The Lions!

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