Saturday, 18 May 2013

Weekend Football for the Last Time season 2012-13.

Running Totals:
The Dangerous Method                                                              -40.00 pts
The Proper Footytipping Season Starts Now Method             -20.00 pts
TUB                                                                                                 -891.98 pts
TheBaseballTipper                                                    -2.595 pts

There is only the zero point one point in promo cash from Click_here_to_bet_at BetVictor left to bet with, because both The Dangerous Method and The Proper Footytipping Season Starts Now Method have reached the limit of their bankrolls and only a win this weekend can save them from maxing out.

To that end, for both methods you are advised to have the following 0.1pt accumulator.

Bradford to beat Northampton, Swansea to beat Fulham, Motherwell to beat St Johnstone, Alloa to beat Dunfermline, Peterhead to beat East Fife & St Louis Cardinals to beat Milwaukee Brewers. @ 123.26-1 with Click_here_to_bet_at BetVictor.

For TUB you are advised to have the same accumulator for 8 points.

Plus for TUB you are advised to have a 10pt Patent on Bradford to beat Northampton @ 7-5, Swansea to beat Fulham @ 5-6 & Alloa to beat Dunfermline @ 19-10 with Click_here_to_bet_at BetVictor.
Brentford won 3-0.  Return 24 pts.

You are also advised for TUB to have 10pts each on the following correct scores:

Bradford v Northampton 1-0 @ 13-2 with Click_here_to_bet_at BetVictor & Paddy Power.

Aberdeen v Hearts  3-0 @ 51-2 with   & 0-1 @ 8-1 with Paddy Power & Click_here_to_bet_at BetVictor
Kilmarnock v St Mirren  0-1 @ 19-2 with Click_here_to_bet_at BetVictor & 1-1 @ 6-1 with Click_here_to_bet_at BetVictor & William Hill Sports .

Chelsea v Everton  1-0 @  8-1 with Click_here_to_bet_at BetVictor, 1-1 @ 8-1 again with Click_here_to_bet_at BetVictor & 5-0 @ 90-1, also with Click_here_to_bet_at BetVictor.

Swansea v Fulham 2-0 @  9-1 with Click_here_to_bet_at BetVictor & 2-1 @ 17-2 with Stan James

Brentford v Yeovil 1-0 @ 15-2 with Click_here_to_bet_at BetVictor & 1-1 @17-2 with Click_here_to_bet_at BetVictor & William Hill Sports  

St Johnstone v Motherwell 0-1 @ 10-1 with  

Peterhead V East Fife 0-0 @ 12-1 with , & UK Sportsbook & 1-0 @ 9-1 with .  None of these were correct.

For TheBaseballTipper 

You are advised to have a 0.7pt single on St Louis Cardinals to beat Milwaukee Brewers @ 100-157 with:

   Score 4-6.

For TUB on the baseball you are advised to have a 70pt win single on the same game.

Total Stake for TUB 298 pts 

All prices are subject to change as the money goes down.  The bets will be settled at the above quoted prices, which you can get as of writing this.

Happy Hunting!

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