Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Up to Date Scores That Don't Look Pretty.

 TheBaseballTipper is having the same trouble as thetipper did during the football season. 

Consequently I am much happier having him on my team than I was when he had his first bet, the patent that won.  I was unsettled.  I had fallen off my perch in shock at the thought that you might have, within your grasp the tools to make 5 points worth of profit during the summer.  That is looking a lot less likely, now that he's come back down to earth with a hefty bump.  Two whopping odds-on singles that have both come unstuck.  The only saving grace is that stakes have been kept level and losses contained.

For to tonight's games we're going back to a 0.1pt patent on:

San Francisco Giants to beat the Washington Nationals @ 100-113  4-2

Texas Rangers to beat Oakland Athletics @ 1-2                     0-1

Baltimore Orioles to beat New York Yankees @  20-23         3-2  Return 0.73 

which you can currently get from:

For TUB however the losses are spiralling out of control.  Another 70 pts is going on the line tonight having the same bet as above for the much larger 10pts patent stake.   Return 73 pts

The final state of play for both remaining football methods was as follows with all free bets used up:

The Dangerous Method                                                              -40.00 pts
The Proper Footytipping Season Starts Now Method             -20.00 pts

The current state of play for TUB is -1235.98 pts
TheBaseballTipper is languishing on -3.995 pts

Let's hope for,

Better Batting Tonight Folks!

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