Thursday, 2 May 2013

First Day at Work and the Yank is Showing a Profit!

TheBasballTipper  is off to a flyer.  I don't know what to do, hug him, give him a pay rise, or simply have him stuffed and put on display as a first class example of how it should be done.

Three selections.  Three winners.  The mind boggles.  I have to warn you that it is probably going to take all my powers of persuasion to get him to give any tips at all tonight .  The first worry is that he'll be out celebrating by drinking warm British beer.  That will probably start as soon as the Plough at Norwood Green is open and finish when I drag him out, which will be difficult because he'll be holding court and you know what American's are like once they get started. He'll probably have all the clientele of the pub out in the beer garden going through a lengthy demonstration of every at bat.  I have a horrible feeling it will get messy...

In the meantime there is a horse for those of you who are following TUB.  You are advised to have 10pts on Mission Approved in the 16.50 Lingfield.

The profit and loss for both TUB and TheBasballTipper will be updated when our American friend has given me his thoughts on tonight's games.  His selections will be posted up here by 17.00 hrs BST.

Good Fortune Viewers!

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