Thursday, 11 April 2013

Weekend Tips on a Thursday Evening.

Current state of play:  TUB  -382.08 pts or -£19,104

 The Proper Footytipping Season Starts Now Method -19.50 pts or -£975

The Dangerous Method -39.50 pts or -£1,975

The Safe Method -20pts or -£1,000. This method is now closed until the start of the 2013/14 season in England and Scotland.

I'm busy over the weekend so here the tips are, nice and early.

For The Proper Footytipping Season Starts Now Method & The Dangerous Method you are advised for both to have the following 0.1pt five folds.  1. for cash and 2. with the 0.1pt Promo Cash you got by entering the  last week.

What do you mean you didn't enter?  Well make sure you do this week.  It's crazy to turn down free bets.

1.  Leicester to beat Birmingham (Friday)
    Southampton to lose to West Ham 
    Rochdale to beat Port Vale
    Livingston to beat Hamilton
    Berwick to lose to Queen's Park   @ 99.62-1 with Click_here_to_bet_at BetVictor.  This is to be entered into  if it loses.
2. Leicester to beat Birmingham (Friday)
    Rochdale to beat Port Vale
    Livingston to beat Hamilton
   Albion to beat Ayr
   Berwick to lose to Queen's Park @ 67.61-1 with Click_here_to_bet_at BetVictor 

On to TUB.

Firstly the following correct scores for 10pts each
Blackburn v Derby  2-1 @ 10-1 with Click_here_to_bet_at BetVictor

Blackpool v Burnley  1-0 & 2-0 @ 15-2 & 12-1 with Click_here_to_bet_at BetVictor

Cardiff v Nott'm Forest  0-1, 1-2 @ 12-1 & 13-1 with Click_here_to_bet_at BetVictor

Peterborough v Watford 2-1, 0-3 @ 11-1 & 30-1 with Click_here_to_bet_at BetVictor

Bury v Oldham 2-1 @ 11-1 with Click_here_to_bet_at BetVictor

AFC Wimbledon 1-0, 2-0 @ 19-2 & 15-1 with Click_here_to_bet_at BetVictor

Northampton v York 1-0, 1-2 & 6-0.  The first two @ 13-2 & 15-1 with Click_here_to_bet_at BetVictor and the 
6-0 monopoly breaker @ 400-1 with .

Berwick v Queen's Park 0-0, 0-1 @ 16-1 & 10-1 with Coral £30 Free Bet.

On Sunday
Newcastle v Sunderland 1-0, 2-1 @ 7-1 & 15-1 with Click_here_to_bet_at BetVictor

Stoke City v Man Utd. 0-0 @ 21-2 with guess who? Yes, you've guessed it Click_here_to_bet_at BetVictor!

Plus a 10pt Patent on West Ham to beat Southampton @ 7-2, Livingston to beat Hamilton @6-5 or 5-4 and Queen's Park to beat Berwick @ 5-4 or 6-5.  You have a choice with this bet whether to have it with   or UK Sportsbook. Personally I'd have it with the one that will let you put it on!

Total stake for TUB of 250 pts, our most expensive weekend yet!  And that's without any advice on the Masters.

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