Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Some Profit & Loss Updating.

With Cardiff beating  Blackburn @ 3-4 and Portsmouth turning over Tranmere @ 15-8, Sheffield Utd's failure to beat Carlisle @ 3-5 was the kind of coupon busting calamity that should turn a man to drink...or gambling.  Fortunately for followers of TUB it's the latter.

The profit on the patent was +26.56 pts which leaves us showing a loss, after the two donkeys we've backed, Dingo Bay & Beauchamp Xerxes managed not to win, of -234.70pts which is now a minus of -£11,735.

Could be worse, we could be losing £110,000!

That's the beauty of an unlimited bankroll, we can take a good hiding and still get back in front.  Only the bookie's maximum payouts can stop us from winning and as most of those are £250,000 we've still got a long way to go before we're in trouble.  If we do get into that sort of a minus TUB will simply advise a move onto the exchanges.

Talking of which, in the last few weeks it seems that Ladbrokes have acquired Betdaq and Betfair have taken over Blue Square.  These are logical deals.  Having an exchange and a bookmaker working together must help to protect the bookmaker from serious losses and should add to the liquidity of the exchange's markets. 

Keep your eyes peeled for more wacky selections from thetipper in TUB.

Happy Punting!

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