Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Calamity at the Hands of Colchester

Result:  Colchester 2-0 Yeovil                   Running Total -16.008 pts

The inevitable has occurred and we're now looking at an almost certain loss for the season.  Colchester may still survive and Yeovil may get promoted, but the tipper has taken a beating and the only consolation I can offer you is a chance to get out of it by having small stakes accumulators  with the possibility of  a big return by taking advantage of the latest competition to take centre stage on, The Click_here_to_bet_at BetVictor Blues by Five.  Full details of this little beauty can be found at:

I am shamelessly going to take advantage of this competition by considering the advised accumulator bets on to be entered into the competition, thereby reducing the losses by 0.1pt every time I advise a losing bet.  That is, unless of course they are so bad that they wouldn't win a prize, in which case they will have to be included in the profit and loss account!

You are also cordially invited to enter the March edition of The  Click_here_to_bet_at BetVictor  Top 4.  There are three prizes of £50 , £30 & £20 worth of bets for this one, so It's well worth entering.  Go to for full details.

There are two more competitions currently running on  This week sees the last in the current six week cycle of the   P& C Onion Bag Challenge.  So far we have had the same winner every week he's entered.  He's the undefeated champion.  Can you beat him?  Go to: to find out details of this one.

Last but not least on the competition front there is the Wisdom of Crowds Experiment with UK Sportsbook  It would be easy for me to say 'Enter this one for a share of £100,000!'.  That would be over egging the pudding.  It has the potential to be the truth, but so far all the experiment has found out is that people sitting alone at their computers show no inclination whatsoever to become part of a crowd.  So in all probability if it is won it will be won by me alone.  If, however you would like to prove me wrong on that one have a look at:

It just remains for me to wish you good fortune in your punting especially if you've been trusting enough to lose all your money following thetipper's advice to date .  I'm afraid all you get for that is sympathy and the assurance that when the bank of 20pts runs out you won't be losing any more until next August.  By which time you will be expected to have saved enough to give it another go!

Oh yes and you can probably expect to get a nice Mel Fordham's racing diary in the post come next Christmas form a grateful bookie.

Not all bad news!

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