Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Down to Earth With a Bump.

Result:  Clyde 2-3 Annan Athletic  Running Total: -3.748pts

That was a shock to the system. 

Not to worry, this time last year we were 4.205 points down and still showed a profit at the end of the season.  In January 2011 we were 2.90 points down and again a profit was made.  Plus it's the start of The Proper Footytipping Season Starts Now Method at the weekend.  You'll have to register on the site to see those tips in the same way that you have to register to see The Dangerous Method tips.  Staying with The Dangerous Method, it took a real hammering at the weekend and is the only one of the three methods now in use that has tips for this evening's match between Morecambe and Dag & Red.  This is the postponed match that I tipped Morecambe to win.  The way I feel about it now is that the result could go any way, I have absolutely no idea who will win.  Punters seem to think that Dag & Red will win but the draw looks to be the most likely result, but I certainly wouldn't bet on it!

Something that I would bet on and have been doing so for the last week or so is the Sign Up Now! bad beat jackpot which now stands at 535,000 Euros, that's 187,000 Euros, just about £150,000 to you if you're beaten by anyone and you've got four eights or better and the joy of an extra £75,000 if you actually win the hand.  If you should be playing on the table where the jackpot is won and have contributed to the pot, you will win a share of another £75,000,   divided up among the players who put some money in and this is where I am baffled by the people who play in these games.  There is way too much pre-flop raising going on for my liking.

It's blindingly obvious that everyone on the tables should be seeing the flop.  If they've got suited connectors, any pair of 8's or above and AK, off suit they have to play to the turn.  These are the hands that can win you that bad-beat Jackpot and the thing is if everyone called with those hands, everyone on the table would benefit.  We should all play the hand slowly up to the turn and then play it properly, but do they do that?  No!  The amount of pre-flop raising that goes on is ridiculous and so is the amount of players who are sitting down with the table maximum.  Why?  You need to be able to shove your chips in on the river, but not before, so why risk more than you have to?  I don't understand.  Stupidly though, I still chase that dream.  I am playing as R-Jeeves.   Should you play too, do say hello!

I now have to say a word or two about the  P & C Onion Bag Challenge. This competition still hasn't had any runners and I don't understand why.  It's simple, you just have to pick the team in the Premiership or the Championship that you think will score the most goals at the weekend and e-mail it to me at: competitions@thetipper.co.uk by midnight on Friday,  If you enter, as things stand, you will win the free £10 bet that Boylesports are offering.  There are currently two more weeks to win the £10 bets with Boylesports meaning that, if you bet  with Boylesports and enter the competition, you will, in all probability be the person who wins £20 worth of free bets.  I'd like to think that one day someone will win.  Up to now there have been £160 worth of free bets that have not been won, which strikes me as slightly bizarre.

Good Fortune Viewers!

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