Monday, 31 December 2012

Let's Start the Year on a Winning Note

Result:  Notts County P-P Stevenage.  Running Total -3.848 pts

If you play poker online it has to be time you started playing on Bet Victor Poker.  The Bad beat Jackpot has just gone through the $500,000 barrier.  For one glorious moment, when it was about $499,000, I thought I was going to have a share of it.  I had 88 in the Big Blind.  Now 88 is the smallest pair you should play with on one of the Bad Beat tables and when I say should, I mean you have to call with them and be prepared to lose all your money.  That in itself is reason enough to sit in these games short stacked.  I got one caller, no raise.  Again, that is the way to play on these tables although you wouldn't know it from the amount of pre-flop raising that goes on.  The flop came down K 9 9.  I checked, my opponent bet $1.  Because I had 8 8 and the bet was only a dollar, I called.  The turn card was an 8.  Now I have a full house, 88899.  I check again and this time my opponent bets $4.50.  I called.  No sense in betting when you're hoping that your opponent has 99 and you want to hit an eight.  BANG!  Over comes the eight.  Now I'm hoping against all hope that my adversary has those two 9's.  I check, because although I've got the second nuts, if he checks I lose just a little bit less if he checks too.  No such luck, he bets $12.  Now I'm convinced he's got a pair of nines and I don't care if I lose my remaining chips, so  I raise the minimum, because he will definitely raise me all-in if he has and if he hasn't I want to get paid as much as I can.  His reply is to shove all his chips in and I call immediately, cheering him to victory...No such bad luck I'm afraid he was slow playing K9, the rascal.  Another lesson in that if you're not playing a hand that can win the Bad Beat jackpot and you're in front, don't try to maximize your return, win the pot, because on Bad Beat Tables people will call with hands like the one I had.

Whilst writing this the jackpot has gone up to $500,567.  

Click on the banner to go there and open an account if you haven't got one already.  thetipper will not accept any liability for any losses incurred chasing this pipedream.  I have already done enough money chasing after it myself!

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On to the business part of this post, an attempt to start the year off well by finding a winner.

You are advised to bet 1pt on Northampton to beat Dag & Red @ 23-20 with Click_here_to_bet_at BetVictor & William Hill Sports .  If it wins the bet will be settled at the more generally available 11-10 which you can get from bet365 , , Stan James & . Bear in mind that here in the UK youwin do not offer any free sign-up bonus, so you'll only betting with them because of the price. 

If you want a double, register to read the Dangerous Method posts.  I do strongly fancy one on New Year's Day.  It's as close as you'll get to a thetipper nap, without actually being one!

A Happy New Year & Good Fortune to you all!

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