Wednesday, 21 November 2012

The Stuff You Can't Eat.


 are offering some and if you like playing online poker it's worth a stab for four reasons.  So, my recommendation is that you should sign up with  by clicking on one of these banners and deposit £60*.  You can do it for as little as £30, but that won't get you maximum value and the stated profit.

(Order of operations: Open an account by clicking on one of the banners and following the instructions, deposit £60, then  4. followed by 1. followed by 3.)

The four points of value are as follows.

1. On Thursday 22nd November 2012 at 19.00 hrs   are running an €11 buy in poker tournament.  It's called The Free Bet Free For All,  which you might win or at least get placed in to win some money!  Hooray!

2. Even if you come last, or more infuriatingly, finish on the bubble, your   account will be credited with a €10 'free' bet within 72 hours.

3. If you've done this and you also place a bet of at least £1, I recommend that you place a bet of £50* on the selection I will post on the blog tomorrow, you will also qualify to win the P&C Onion Bag Challenge, which, if you win, will net you another £10 'free' bet.  You can find full details of the competition at:

4. If you use your £50* to bet on the tipper's selection this weekend before you enter the poker tournament you will qualify for an additional £20 'free' bet courtesy of

The weekend selection will be posted on here by 17.00 hrs on Thursday 22nd November 2012.

A total cost, should you open an account and lose everything, including all your free bets, of a massive £60*. 

What's more, if there are any entries into the   P & C Onion Bag Challenge at all and's selection loses, I will chalk up the loss on the running total as 1.2pts so that, come the end of the season, this little adventure is absorbed by the profit that hopes to make for you.  If thetipper's selection wins there will be a special 0.2pt deduction from the running total to cover the cost of the poker tournament.

Who says you can't eat value?

*All asterisk marked figures are superseded by the 22nd November 2012 post.  If you did deposit the £60 you could leave the spare in your account until a  bet is recommended!

Good Fortune Viewers!

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