Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Ahem! Don't say I didn't tell you...

Results:  Berwick Rangers 3-1 Annan Athletic
                Watford 2-1 Wolverhampton Wanderers   Running total -0.148 pt

With two winning singles and a winning double to top it off, the best weekend of the season so far couldn't quite get the Safe Method into profit.  Not to worry, we're getting close.

Since there were no entries for the  P & C Onion Bag Challenge another £10 free bet went a begging.  If anyone had followed my advice and put £50 quid on Berwick with Boylesports they would have won £62.50 and would also have a £20 free bet, courtesy of that same generous bookmaker. Plus, even if they had picked QPR as the team they fancied to score most goals in the competition they would have won another £10 free bet.  It's that easy!   The secret is...enter!  Full details of the competition can be found at: http://www.thetipper.co.uk/competitions.php?title=The-Boylesports-P-and-C-Onion-Bag-Challenge-in-association-with-thetipper.co.uk

I'm afraid that there are no midweek tips for you to have a go at this week.  There is a full League One & League Two fixture list but nothing leaps out at me and screams 'BET!'  So, rather than slip back into the depths of the losses pool, we'll wait until the weekend before having another punt.

I briefly mentioned QPR earlier in the post and regular readers will know that QPR are my team.  Well, we all have our cross to bear!

I'm going to stick in my twopence worth at this point.

I know that relegation will be a bitter pill to swallow for the sides that go down this year, because of the huge pot of filthy lucre that awaits all Premiership sides next year.  However, I don't think that we should be sacking Mark Hughes.  In fact I don't even think that we should sack him if we are relegated.  There is only one job that Mark Hughes wants and that's the one that Alex Ferguson currently occupies.  To get that he needs to manage a side that wins trophies.  He will be doing everything he can to achieve that end.  When he took over at the club last season he inherited Neil Warnock's team.  They struggled but survived.  How many of those players were playing at the weekend?  QPR started with three and there were never more than four on the pitch, so it's a new 'team', full of talented players who are finding it difficult to play together. Primarily, I feel, because they have no real allegiance to the club and communication within the team is difficult. 

There are probably at least two and possibly more 'square pegs' in the side who need to be got shot of in January and then the side needs to be prepared for life in the Championship by signing more players with Jamie Mackie's attitude. The players have to have given their all.  If, as a player you can't do that and you haven't scored two goals in the game then it's time to pack your bags and play somewhere where the climate is more conducive to a stroll in the park.  Which brings me to Joey Barton.  His ghost is haunting Loftus Road.  Why is he still a QPR player?  Give him to Olympique Marseilles and the curse of Joey can be lifted.  Either that or bring him home to get some backbone into the side.  If we can't win by playing pretty football then lets do it ugly.  Something needs to happen to turn this season around and all the resources of the club need to be used to do so.

If you want to know the real reason for the team's abject failure so far this season, look no further than the shirt.  Too many hoops on it.  I mean, how can any team take us seriously looking like that?

Four is enough!

Good Fortune Viewers!

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