Wednesday, 24 October 2012

A New Competition!

Result:  Crewe 2-1 Swindon  Running Total: -1.538

There is a new competition being held on the first of the month for all registered users of  Have a look at The New Account Draw which will come up somewhere on the top right when you click on the competitions button.  Every month, one lucky user of will win a £25 free bet prize.  This is not a 'free' bet it's a free bet.  I advise you to have a look.

One competition comes in so one has to go.  The Wisdom Of Crowds experiment in association with and  UK Sportsbook has been withdrawn for the foreseeable future and the result of the experiment was conclusive. 

People do not like to be part of a crowd.  It upsets them. It makes them do things that in any normal situation they'd never dream of doing.  Just ask Aaron Cawley if you see him.  Don't worry he won't be inside for long.  He'll be out in time for Christmas as long as he doesn't get any cider from an insider, inside uh!

Crewe's win against Swindon came as a bit of a fillip.  It made up for Morecambe's disappointment a couple of games previously.  Unfortunately I wasn't confident enough to recommend a full point bet on them.  Rest assured that any bet at the weekend will be for a little bit more than 1/2 point!

Good Fortune Viewers!

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