Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Greetings From Iceland.

Result:  Port Vale 6-2 Rotherham  Running Total -1.42pts.

To celebrate a famous victory I have come away to Iceland to visit the legendary party spot that is Reykjavik.  The Icelandic team beat Norway 2-0 in a World Cup Qualifier and have been sent off to Cyprus on holiday as a reward.  It'll be a lot warmer there than it is here.  I'd like to be able to tip them to beat Cyprus, but home form is no indicator of ability away from home, so we'll be keeping our powder dry until the weekend.

By that time I hope to have been able to have a word or two with either a Troll or one of the Little People.  You may scoff.  Robin Ince and Prof. Brian Cox undoubtedly would, but as I said last season with reference to astrology, when the stars are aligned unaccountable things happen.  Trolls understand the vagaries of fate better than I ever will.  Just have a look at the film Trollhunter. You can always learn from those wiser than yourself, even if they come in shapes and sizes that might appear rather silly. 

As I haven't had a word with either a Troll or a Little Person just yet, there is no midweek tip.

Good Fortune Viewers!

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