Monday, 24 September 2012

Great News!

Result: Southampton 4-1 Aston Villa -1.90pts

They do!

The Trolls deserve a toast.  Skál!

Using his free bet of £50, won in last month's Click_here_to_bet_at BetVictorTop 4 in association with, Mr. Nugent put Southampton in a double with Manchester United and won over £250.  His, 'Where did you find that one?' question could only be met with, 'What were you doing sticking it in a double?' from me.  Either way it doesn't matter what you do with thetipper's selections as long as you win!  A special hooray has to be saved for the folks at Click_here_to_bet_at BetVictorThey stumped up the free bet and took the hit with good grace.

That is a prime example of what this site is all about.  You want to have a punt on football and I want your punting to be profitable.  By using the site Mr. Nugent has just won himself almost 5pts profit which cannot be included in thetipper's profit and loss accounts, more's the pity!  

It is also the reason you should go straight to the competitions page of and sign up for October's Click_here_to_bet_at BetVictor Top 4 in association with

On to other events in the news.  Michael Laudrup had me gasping for breath last week when he said that he saw nothing wrong with players being paid by other clubs to win games. "If Swansea play the last game against a team and a third team pays Swansea to win the game, I really don't see anything bad about that." has all the details.  He was asked the question because of the ongoing match fixing scandal in Italy and the fact that he had played in Italy.

What he's talking about is opening a can of worms that eventually eats away at the credibility of a league.  The problem is, it's the players who should benefit and you just know that everyone else would want a slice of the pie and once that culture is established, you're on a slippery slope.  Agents would be out there negotiating with teams looming on the horizon of their player's clubs fixture list.

Imagine the last day of last season if winning bonuses were payable.  The mind boggles.  Man Utd paying QPR, Man City paying Sunderland.  QPR paying Stoke, Bolton not paying Man City and then wasting what precious little money they had, if they had paid them.  Clubs could be financially destroyed at the bottom end of the Premier League trying to ensure their survival at the end of the season by paying other clubs to win.

Sorry Michael, I don't think you're right on this one.

There will probably be a midweek tip tomorrow and there will definitely be news of this week's Boylesports  P & C Onion Bag Challenge, (Last week's went un-won again) and an update on the Click_here_to_bet_at BetVictor Top 4 standings for September!

Good Fortune Viewers!

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