Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Then Promptly Knocked Back on Them Again...

Result: Southampton 0-2 Wigan -1.6pts

Ahem, well, in spite of that dreadful result, I will once again say that when thetipper is in the minus it's definitely the best time to start to following the advice, because when thetipper goes into the balck your profits will be, if you start now, 1.6pts healthier at the end of the season!

OK that 's the last time I'm banging that particular drum this season.

There are still a couple of days left to enter The BetVictor Top 4 in association with thetipper.co.uk.  Go to the 'competitions' page for details.  If you just have your normal bets, providing you have at least one a week and they are no less than a fiver each, you've got the opportunity to win a £50 free bet with BetVictor.  Of course if you've never had a bet in your life before, there's nothing free about the competition at all, but the prizes are still well worth winning.  Second gets a £30 bet and third a £20 bet.

While you're there have a look at the Wisdom Of Crowds Experiment with Skybet.  The syndicate got one score and two other results correct last weekend We were nowhere near winningSend in your predictions for a shot at winning a share of £100,000!

There are no midweek bets this weekAll the games are in the latest alias of the League Cup and it's Scottish equivalent, so the good teams will send out second or third string outfits and the sides from the lower divisions will be sending out the best team they've got.  Expect upsets, but as to what they are, your guess is probably much better than mine, so we're leaving the games alone.

Good Fortune Viewers!

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