Tuesday, 31 July 2012

On Friday, there could be the first tip of the season...

But then again there might not.

It's the SPL and without Rangers it's wide open.  Anyone could win it.  Couldn't they?

Celtic are as short as 1-100 for a victory as hollow as any in living memory.   They are truly mental odds.  How can you lend your money for ten months to a bookie and get just 1% interest on it?  You'd be better off sticking it in an ISA and that's not saying much.

Rangers on the other hand look remarkably good value in comparison to win Division three at 5% interest or 1-20.  I have been extraordinarily selective with my price finding here, you are not advised to put any money on either of those teams at those prices!

Celtic are eleven behind Rangers in terms of  the number of Scottish Championships won. They've won 43 and Rangers 54 so however hollow the victories, it will be a disaster for Celtic if they don't win at least the next three.  They might win more than three if Rangers don't gain promotion every season.  Complacency will be the major problem that Celtic will face.

Because this is the first year that thetipper.co.uk has been up and running as a web-site. I am going to keep all the Trading on the exchanges completely separate from all the other methods.  So, if long term bets, lays and trades interest you, you should register and keep your eyes peeled for the Trading Page.

Good Fortune Viewers!

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