Monday, 23 July 2012

Money, Money, Money...

It's a rich man's world.

Two clubs with very similar kit are completely broke and liable to go out of business very shortly.  Rangers in Scotland and Portsmouth in England.

They have been badly run and that mismanagement is now reaping its reward.

There is still the possibility that Rangers may cease to exist, if the arguments over the clubs media rights aren't resolved before their first fixture against Brechin, next Saturday.

The issue is so complex, with so many parties involved having a big financial stake in the outcome that I reckon that The Rangers FC may well be wound up before they can play a game in the Scottish League Third Division.  You'd think the fact that there is so much money at stake would guarantee that a deal would be brokered.  I think that it's a big part of Rangers' problem.  There are lots of creditors out there who want revenge...

Portsmouth on the other hand struggle on like a severely battered boxer, with cuts over both eyes, a broken nose and a mouth guard that has been sent spinning across the ring.

The club currently sits at the bottom of League One on minus ten points. They are adrift of everyone else after the Football League gave them the points deduction earlier this month.  They are in the position that they can't move forward until they lose all the players they have who are on contracts that were agreed when the club was to all intents and purposes successful, winning trophies, playing in Europe, The Premier League or The Championship.

I hope the Pompey Supporters Trust gets hold of the club, but fear that if the deal is viable for them then a carpetbagger will come in and outbid them at the last minute, dissolve the club and sell the land for development.

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